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Operation Hope - Africa Appeal - June 2020

operation hope - africa appeal - june 2020


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operation hope - africa appeal - june 2020 - bishop raphael and his team of volunteers in kakamega county

The above image is Bishop Raphael and his team of volunteers in Kakamega County

We are living in unprecedented times, many people in our own country are struggling and in need. The response both from the church and unbelievers has been inspired.


There are many countries around the world which are in a far more desperate situation. As many of you will know, our ministry Operation Hope has strong connections in Kenya. We do regular missions and proclaim the Good News wherever we get the opportunity.

This year our missions have been postponed due to COVID 19. We hope to do a small mission at the end of the year, if not next spring.

Instead of going this year we have partnered with the poorest.

On the picture you will see Bishop Raphael of Kakamega County and his team of volunteers.

Many in the developing world are in lockdown with no support or food to eat. The situation is absolutely desperate and getting worse.

It is my aim to raise as many thousands as possible and do all that we can to feed as many as possible. We have built up strong relationships over years with Bishop Raphael and I can personally say that he is one of the most trustworthy people I have met. I do much of my mission planning with him.

We have another partner in Eldoret called Pastor Simon Kibet, and godly man whom God has clearly connected us to. His situation is not as severe yet but we hope to help them also if and when things develop.


Could you?

1, Give a one off gift to help these precious people


2, Give a smaller but regular gift towards their needs


3, Organise a sponsored activity and raise money in your church communities.


I realise these are difficult times for many, we too are struggling. But...

These people are desperate and I can personally guarantee that every penny you give will go directly into food for those in need. We will update you with images of the feeding program as things develop.


I pray you will seriously consider what you may be able to do to help. Be assured the gospel will go out with this food.


Every blessing you are in our prayers

Steve and Lisa Pilkington
Operation Hope


Contact me Personally for more information, or for any other reason. Id be happy to discuss exactly what is being done.
or go direct to our giving page on the website


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