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Newsletter - The Story Of The Two Mercys - 12th Dec 2021

Mercy and Mercy Dec 2021

Mercy and Mercy

I want to introduce you to two stand out testimonies from this week in Eldoret

The lady above is called Mercy, she has a daughter and has had a terrible time. She became demon possessed after visiting witch doctors. Then she became an alcoholic with the local home made brew, which is lethal and is often 90%. People go blind and die drinking it.

She came into the tent in a rotten state and as we prayed she manifested. After a short time of ministry she was free. The next day she came early with her friend who also wanted to be saved.

She has been coming each day since, she stopped drinking overnight. She is a real transformation story. At first she was really suffering while withdrawing, she came to see us with terrible pains, and was deaf in one ear. God touched her and she was healed on the spot, jumping for joy!

She is continuing to go from strength to strength.
Praise the Lord for Mercy


This lady below is also called Mercy and Iíll let her tell you herself on the video.


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