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Why do you need such a big tent?

rain in africa - tent mission kenya

People ask us...
"Why do you need such a big tent in Africa when itís so sunny and dry?"

People donít realise over here
But in Kenya it rains so much! In short sharp downpours
Where we go itís, Every day in fact!

We get a great crowd to a crusade
Say 1000 people then the enemy sends a freak storm and everyone is gone!
We press on and people come back but a tent would be a refuge for many more to come into

It acts like a magnet as soon as the big poles start to go up
We will have triple the people coming from miles around

If we stick a stage up weíll get a crowd and dodge the rain
If we get a 3000 seater tent itíll be full every night!
Full every night!
Many many people will be saved!

a kenya big tent


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