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What's the deal with Sin? Good news from Psalm 51

A look at the background and content of Psalm 51


What a Difference! Maturity in our faith - A look at 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Learning to walk in the experience of God and maturity in our faith.


Seeking His Presence - 1 Chronicles 13-15 - David and the ark

Had a blessed time being back with the folks at Newbold Baptist Church. Spoke on The presence of God. Hope it's a blessing


The Good News - The women at the well - John 4

A look at Chapter 4 of John's Gospel, the story of the woman at the well.


Who is God? What is He like? How does He relate to you?

A good news message from Psalm 139. Showing Who God is and how much He loves you.


Ambition in the Church - good or bad?

A sermon looking at Ambition using Matthew 20:17-28
The difference between selfish ambition and Godly ambition


Do not let your heart be troubled

Sunday morning sermon at Newbold Baptist Church in Rochdale 03/03/2019


Session 2 Prophet in a Cave Stephen Pilkington Arise January 2019

My first sermon from the January UK Arise conference


Session 7 Living Out Christianity Stephen Pilkington Arise January 2019

Second sermon from the January 2019 UK Arise conference in Cardiff


Back Healed Arise Testimonies January 2019

Healing Testimony from UK Arise January 2019



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