Prayer Evangelism and Equipping

Open Air & Equipping

One area many churches struggle to be fruitful in, is open air or street evangelism.
The days when you could stand on the street corner with a microphone and expect a large group to gather for a gospel message seem to be ever slipping into the distant past. Sadly we see how easily it can be to put more people off Jesus than actually attracting them to him.

It is our passion to re ignite the churches enthusiasm for taking their glorious great news into the streets. We believe God has taught us over the years techniques and tools that can be really useful to churches.

We use Jesus at the door for one to one conversations. This tool was used to see over 3000 people come to Jesus in Northern Ireland in just 18 months.
We have a mobile prayer room, which enables us to take the miraculous onto the streets
We also offer detailed training for churches in evangelism techniques, Praying for people and seeing miracles as well as the prophetic and treasure hunting.

There are so many wonderful stories of what God is doing through these new tools. Why not contact us to discuss what we can do for your church group.

Setting up prayer

prayer group

We are more than happy to partner with any church group even before you are ready to take on an event.
It is vital to soak everything we do in prayer, running upto an event, throughout the event and following after an event.
If you feel you would like help with this we will come alongside your group and work with you until we are assured of breakthrough.

Evangelism Training - one to one

jesus at the door

We are partnering with another global ministry called JAD320. This ministry is all about equiping the saints to reach out one to one. We use a proven evangelism tool that will equip any believer to regularly lead people to Jesus. Over two or three weeks we can train your group in the use of this tool and have them fruitfully evangelising your community.

This training is offered with or with out any other events. It is a stand alone service that is benificial to any and every believer. Over the past 5 years thousands of people have been led to Jesus with this tool.

See to learn more about this tool and its founder Scott McNamara.

Ministry Training

training session

It is vital to properly equip the saints before starting to do events. We will train your team to Minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. For example:

- How to give an impactive testimony in five minutes.
- Preaching techniques.
- How to pray for healing and other needs.
- How to lead someone to Jesus.
- How to counsel someone who has just made a decision.
- How to lead a successful follow up group.
- Prophecy in evangelism

Event Training

We will offer as much help as is needed in order to see you plan and execute a successful evangelistic event.
In fact we can even do it for you.
From tent missions to stadium events Operation Hope have gained valuable experience that can be used to plan an exciting, fruitfull event.

Follow up

The does and don'ts of following up a succesful event.

Why not find out more about our Training courses?


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