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Newsletter - September 2019

glory to god


Pilkingtonís Newsletter Sept 2019

Please note they wonít all be this long, just bringing everyone up to speed

Some of you will know more than others but you will see we have relocated to Snowdonia and are very much a part of Tywyn Baptist Church. We would like to start by thanking them and thanking God for this new relationship and church family. TBC have truly been great with us, they have embraced the whole family so very quickly and continue to be a blessing to us. We feel this is now our ministry base and we are so excited by what God has brought us into.

We hope you will keep in touch as we feel to develop a strong network of prayerful saints who will support the work that God is doing, and intercede with us for Gods fruitfulness.

To to see our newly developed website go to or click the button at the bottom.

Thanks to Michael Fowler at Newbold Baptist in Rochdale for his work on the site.



the pilkington children  

The Children

Since relocating the children have really thrived. Lisa still homeschools them all. They have so much freedom in this beautiful location. There is another homeschooling Christian family really close by and the children have made great friends. The two older girls are always out and about with their new friends. Faith recently sat her first GCSE and scored an A so proud. Faith and Grace have been on Christian camps because of the fantastic youth ministry at TBC. Soul survivor had a huge impact and they are both getting baptised this Sunday evening. Nathan has struggled to find a friend and is at a difficult age feeling in between in many ways but is very happy in himself and still loves steam trains. Hannah is over the moon as a new friend just moved in next door and has made many other friends through church and groups. Josiah is his usual jubilant bouncy self and enjoys being a five year old in the country.

so what are we doing
the street team  

Street Evangelism

We are training people, especially in our home church how to engage with people for the gospel. This is a work we have done in various places and will happily partner with your church for the same goal. Our passion is to see the laypeople of the church confident and able to present the gospel one to one. We use Scott McNamaraís JAD tool as a great tool for one to one outreach. As part of this side of the ministry there is a strong focus on follow up discipleship groups, as well as helping the church to engage with and use the gifts of the Spirit. Healing and prophecy are a vital part of our outreach.

steve and others  

Meet two precious People who gave their lives recently through our outreach

Israel Douglas and I went to a local tourist spot where we found these two precious people. After a glorious three hours we saw their lives totally transformed by Gods saving grace.

Tent Mission

Recently God enabled us to spend money buying a state of the art tent mission set up. All For Jesus Missions gave us a stage to sell, with one condition, use the money to buy equipment for the gospel. We were incredibly blessed and the money was used quickly buying numerous vital items that are being used well. We really thank them and thank God for their support. It will enable our future missions to have a great impact and cost much less than before.

All our equipment is compact and fits onto a small trailer. We can now engage in tent missions with a much smaller team and budget. It is possible to travel anywhere in Europe and be ready to go within a day of getting there, and still have energy to do the mission. We have seen many salvations and miracles over the years, people even standing up and pushing their own wheel chairs home! However we believe the best is yet to come! 2019 has been a year of establishing but 2020 will be a year of harvest. God has promised me many thousands of souls next year. You will see how when more plans come to light.

If your church would like a tent mission get in touch ASAP! We have very limited space

  steve and others
tywyn baptist church  

House of Prayer - Hope

Around 6 months ago we restarted Hope house of prayer, based at TBC. We believe the Prayer must be central to any move of God and is key to sustainable moves. When we put aside busyness to seek God for God we find His heart. We start to develop a culture within the body of Christ that is saturated in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We hear God more clearly than ever before, the gifts increase in amount and power impact. Every other ministry becomes blessed as the atmosphere of His presence rests upon them. The things we do from this point are because of indisputable guidance from the almighty. We are following His lead trusting for His blessing, instead of coming up with good ideas and asking Him to bless them. We currently meet twice a week and this will and should increase as God enables.

foreign missions  

Foreign Missions

At the start of the year God spoke to me clearly, saying ďI am releasing you to the nations once againĒ. I had partly backed away from travelling as I went through personal development, in short we havenít done a crusade in three years. God is challenging us to go again! But this time we must be willing to trust Him to do things on His scale. We are out of the boat big time. This November I will be spending three weeks in Kenya, in three different regions. I will be doing two crusades and two conferences as well as visiting various churches to preach. We will be reaching literally thousands of people for the gospel.


This trip is a preparation, God said 2020 will be a year of harvest. We are going to do these events in order to make an impact for the kingdom that will bring churches together for a much bigger event. Next year in 2020 we will be doing crusades that will reach 20,000 people per meeting.

This maybe normal for some ministries but to us this is another level. I admit Iím well out of my comfort zone trusting Father God for the impossible. Please pray for us to have all we need both in the Holy Spirit for ministry and in finances to make it happen. Please pray about whether you might be able to support this work as November approaches quickly.

steve and lisa  


Lisa is thriving in our new location. She continues to home school our five children, Faith recently did her English GCSE a year early and scored an A. Iím so proud of them both. Lisa is also involved in the leadership team of the Be-Loved ladies conference envisioned by Kate Hamilton and built up over three years. Lisa is really thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this team. She occasionally leads womenís bible study groups also set up by Kate. She is heavily involved in Sunday school at TBC as well as being part of the team that run a childrenís outreach group in our local village of Fairbourne, called the Ark. this was envisioned by Zoe and Steve Hobbs and has been a constant blessing to the community. I believe as we go forward Lisaís ministry including speaking, will increase more and more, watch this space (proud husband).

steve preaching  

Steve Preaching and Teaching

Preaching and teaching remain a big part of my ministry and passion. I enjoy being part of the speaking team here at TBC. However I still travel to various places quite regularly preaching, this is a major part of who God has made me to be. If you want to invite us to come to your church feel free to get in touch.

tent making - nw-landscaping  

Tent Making

When we moved to Wales my ankle was in a terrible state after unsuccessful surgery to rebuild it. God spoke clearly and said put my hands to work and I committed our finances to buying tools to set up North Wales Landscaping. This business started with my supernaturally accelerated healing and has been a blessing over the last year or so as well as embedding us into this community. Iíve really enjoyed building relationships with Pete Cooke and the Min Y Don team who are a wonderful gospel focused adventure ministry centre.

The time is coming however, where God is leading us into more and more ministry. itís impossible to work full time when God is giving us more and more to invest in. Pray for us as we try to balance work and ministry.

We are praying for ministry partners who will support us monthly and have committed to stepping away from work as much as possible as this year progresses.

Please take time to pray into the above sections of ministry, for support and increase in fruitfulness. Pray we will see Gods guiding hand at each step of the way and make right bold decisions.

Please feel free to forward this email to other who may be interested, during our transition time we lost our old mailing list. Itís important to us to gather friends around us as we step forward, people who will sincerely intercede for us in everything God leads us to do.

There will be opportunities for people to join with us as we go out on missions both home and abroad. Feel free to contact us if God leads you to.

Your prayers are vital and world changing!!!


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