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Newsletter - 29th March 2022

operation hope - praise at revival meeting - march 2022

3 Weeks of revival meetings in April - Maybe a new tent!

Flights are booked for 26th April - Please pray

Many of you will know that the first three months of this year have been an enormous challenge to say the least. As you know Iíve had a trapped nerve which has been excruciating until quite recently. Our car died and lots of other things I wonít mention now. The Lord has been showing us how wonderfully He sustained us through even the greatest of attacks.

However there comes a time of resistance. The Lord has shown me it is time to stop treading water and start taking ground. I have booked flights in faith for the 26th April, travelling to Kenya. We wonít engage in a tent mission or open air crusade this time, instead it will be 3 weeks of revival meetings in the churches. Alex Johnson has kindly volunteered to come with me and share the ministry which is a real blessing.

Please pray that God will move greatly as we step out in faith.

Pray also that any remaining health issues are dealt with by our precious divine physician and God.

Pray that our current tent in the UK will sell in time. Or the Lord will bring in enough finances. We would love to purchase the African tent when we are there to see it.

Pray the Lord will do all that He desires to do. Call to me and I will answer, I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know. Jer 33:3

Please pray for those left behind! My precious family here are in full swing preparing for IGCSE and AS level exams. A couple of days after I return I will be taking Grace to sit her exams. Also Faith is sitting her AS level exams. Pray that preparations will go better than hoped for please.


operation hope




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