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Newsletter - Amazing Testimony - 12th Dec 2021

Amazing Testimony Dec 2021

Amazing Testimony

Amazing Testimony Dec 2021

Glory to God!

Today we saw something special, that should be shared to give glory to God.

We were asked to go and pray with an elderly lady who had a stroke 3 months ago. She had been left totally paralysed down one side and lay slumped over to one side on the bed. It was the mother of the lady who is hosting us here in Eldoret.
This lady needed help with everything she did, to sit up, eat food, go the toilet, she had lost all ability to do anything for herself.

So we drove the hour and a half to visit her. When we arrived we found her granddaughter who helped her and two men who had been hired to help her and be her carer. We was asked to pray for the men first as they were heavy drinkers, and didnít know Jesus.

Alex suggested I shared the truth of the gospel first which I did for some time. Really pressing home the need for complete surrender. The three of them gave their lives in a holy moment and we all prayed together.

Then Alex prayed over them to bless them too. He had a word of knowledge that one would become a pastor, which he didnít share immediately. At the end one man left quickly but I shouted him back in. I shared that I had a word for both. One would be a preacher, which Alex immediately confirmed with his word. But to the other a warning from God. If you donít stop drinking you will die. If you do you will be blessed. Alex got a word from God that the mans liver was in trouble and prayed for him. The man confirmed he was having terrible pain from that area and accepted prayer. He was instantly healed. His whole face changed as you could see him truly accepting what God was doing in him. The two men were both born again thoroughly, we bought them bibles and prescribed that they take bible and prayer 3 times a day until all symptoms were gone.

Then we turned to the paralysed women. We blessed her and both prayed. We prayed that God would reverse all the effects of this stroke. After Alex prayed we asked her to share what was happening. She said she felt feelings in the arm and feet which she didnít have before. We both felt the healing was done and would work out gradually as we went along. But continued to pray asking God to speed it up. She felt heat all down her arm.

Then Alex had a word of knowledge that one lung was close to pneumonia and prayed for that. She confirmed this word and was healed. Alex received another word that she would love to see her granddaughters baby. Sheís waiting to be married so that means she will live a while.

The granddaughter was praying for a husband and asked for prayer. We both felt this prayer was being answered. God was about to surprise her. I felt the Lord say one of the drunks would be so transformed by God that she would fall in love with him and be his partner in the ministry. I kept that word to myself for obvious reasons.

Before we left another lady came asking for a bible which was given. But as Alex prayed God spoke and said this woman loves to design and make clothes. Tell her I told you this and she should pursue this as a business. She almost lept, it was exactly what God was putting on her heart.

We drove them to the book shop to get bibles and made our way gone.
But then the call came, the lady who was paralysed was already sitting up and eating her dinner, feeding herself with her paralysed arm. God is truly healing her, that which was impossible and unthinkable happened in the name of Jesus.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue this mission and also plan another 7 this year. God is good.





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