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Newsletter - 13th July 2022

operation hope - a challenge from hudson taylor and the new tent - july 2022

A challenge from
Hudson Taylor

operation hope - a challenge from hudson taylor and the new tent - july 2022

Before I share a challenge
A momentous day is coming soon. We expect the big tent to be delivered in the next week or so. Watch out for the next email with pictures of our very own big top erected in Kenya! Pray that we will be using it soon for the harvest!

operation hope - hudson taylor in 1865

A major part to our vision

Part of the vision for Operation Hope is to take teams as often as possible to mission fields around the world. Without painting everyone with the same brush (your church may be very mission focused). It is our belief that the focus of the church generally in the west has shifted, to the point that foreign missions are considered inconvenient in comparison to its mission locally. We want to help re focus the Body of Christ on fulfilling the great commission. Not just locally but to the uttermost parts of the Earth.

While speaking in a church, Hudson Taylor told a story from his time as a missionary in China.

He met a man called Peter on a river boat and spoke to him about Jesus. Peter didnít respond at that time.
Shortly after Peter fell overboard, the people on board saw what happened but were indifferent about rescuing him.

Hudson begged them to save him, but they said it was not convenient. Eventually he persuaded them with money and they pulled Peter out of the water. He was already dead!

The church was moved with disgust about the mens attitude to saving Peter. Hudson reminded them that every day many thousands of people die without knowing Jesus. Yet the church is indifferent about going to the nations and fulfilling the great commission. All of us should be intently concerned with the welfare of souls around the world. We should use our time and recourses to go! If we canít go we can help those who can, and pray for their mission.

Yet many of us will convince ourselves that foreign missions are just not convenient.

Will you go?
Will you pray?
Will you help fund or organise?

In centuries gone by many thousands left their homes for the mission fields around the world. This movement transformed the world and brought many millions to salvation in Jesus Christ.

The job is not finished
Missionaries are still needed as much as ever
What will you do?

5 times the bible says Go! No where does it say, donít go!

Whatever missionaries God puts on your heart. The best thing you can do for them is to pray for them. And pray regularly.
Regarding us, thank you so much for receiving our updates. Can you commit to praying for us and all our needs regularly? Are there others in your church/friends who might like to receive them too. Use the link below to show people how to sign up.

operation hope - sign up for the newsletter

Will you Go wherever God leads? Iíve seen people called to the mission field and lay everything down in obedience to the call. Are you open to God leading you that way?
Would you want to be involved in short term mission trips. Operation Hope are busy planning team trips to Kenya. Click below for more information.

operation hope - find out more about short term mission trips

Do you have abilities and gifts that you can use for the benefit of a mission organisation. We need as much help as we can get. Drop us a reply and volunteer if youíd like to be involved.
Maybe God has blessed you with resources in excess of your personal needs? Anything donated to Operation Hope is giving directly to missions and a harvest of precious souls. You may not be able to go, but could you help someone else to go?

operation hope - make a donation

operation hope - god bless you all




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