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Tent Missions - Kenya Map

map of kenya


Kenya 2019

We undertook mission meetings in three towns/cities: Eldoret, Kakamega and Kisii located in the western area of Kenya, the provinces of Western and Nyanza.

Kenya - Overview

Kenya is located in East Africa. It is bounded to the North by Sudan and Ethiopia, to the West by Uganda and Lake Victoria, to the South by Tanzania and to the East by Somalia and the Indian Ocean.

Kenya - Size and population

Kenya (area 224,081 sq miles) is nearly 2.5 times the size of the United Kingdom (93,628 sq miles) but Kenya (population 47,564,296 Census 2019) is only about 70% of the population of the UK (population 67,081,000 estimate 2021).

Nairobi the capital of Kenya has a population of 4,394,073 which is about half the population of London (population 8,907,918).

Nakuru has a population of 570,674 which is just a little smaller than Bristol (population 571,922).

Eldoret is the sixth largest urban area in Kenya and has a population of 475,716 which is about the size of Leicester in the UK (population 470,965).

Kisii has a population of 183,000 which is about the same size as Milton Keynes (Population 184,105).

Kakamega has a population of 91,768 which compares well with the West Yorkshire town of Halifax (population 91,338)

Busia, Kenya has a population of 61,715 similar in size to Scarborough, North Yorkshire (population 61,525)

Malava has a population of 60,831



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