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Newsletter - 14th Dec 2021

operation hope - steve pilkington preaching at crusade Dec 2021

Final update from Kenya 2021

operation hope - Mercy - Dec 2021

Yes the tent was broken and needs extensive repairs, but….

God kept the rain at bay, we put lots of extra effort in and managed to complete the mission with open air meetings. The testimony of Mercy (above pic) really touched our hearts and we made a video which you received already. We can add that we helped her set up a business selling fruit and veg with a cash grant, and veg from our feeding program. This lady continues to glorify God and is a real trophy of grace.

operation hope - African Director - Dec 2021

We had a positive meeting with our African director before we left Kakamega

He has been connected with people inside the ministry of finance who can help speed up our papers (tax exemption) so that we can get this container shipped Maybe even as soon as February that can be on its way.

We have had a breakthrough with the house and land to store the container and use as a base. Hopefully that can be sorted out by that time too.

God has revealed quite clearly to us that if we can buy 2 x 7.5ton trucks over here in Kenya. We can turn them into a giant stage to reach many thousands. They can also do publicity. And they will also transport all the tent and equipment between them.

As these pieces of the jigsaw slot together over coming months we would be in a position to reach large crowds of many thousands on a scale we have not seen before.

The Plan is very clearly given by God and we can see His hands all over this as we go forward.
All we need is around £62,000 to finish setting everything up, not to mention next years running budget.
But these monopoly figures are possible to our great God. He will provide for what He orders.

Bless you all
Thank you for keeping on praying for us
We appreciate you so much

operation hope - Going home for now - Dec 2021

As I sit here writing this short update we are in Kisumu, where we get the first of our three flights home.

Keep us in your prayers that covid will not disturb us at all. We are looking forward to seeing family very soon. God Bless you all so much.



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