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Newsletter - Kenya Mission Update 1 - 26th Nov 2021

steve in kenya nov 2021

We made it to Kenya without a problem - Our first answer to prayer

We made it to Kenya without a problem - Our first answer to prayer First answer to prayer

We asked to pray that we would be able to get the PA system through immigration without paying import tax.

I was stopped by a very angry man who didnít want to let me through. I said that I need all of this equipment to preach the Gospel in Kakamega. He said if this is true who are you connected with.
I nervously said Bishop Raphael Buluma not expecting him to know him.
He immediately smiled, he gave me a fist bump and said I know the bishop you are welcome with this equipment, go on your way in we donít need to check anything more.

Gods favour Amen

Another answer to prayer

We were kept back 2 hours with ridiculous multiple covid stuff.
The taxi from the hotel would normally go and abandon us. But they felt to wait 2 hours.

Then we find they are born again Christians who also run the hotel we are in tonight. They are just near the airport and will do us our hotels for £20 from now on as we are missionaries.

Plus they are coming in late to cook us breakfast at 10am tomorrow so we can catch up on sleep. As well as driving us back to the airport.

Gods favour again.

preparing the fround for the crusade tent nov 2021

steve and alex in kenya nov 2021

Since then preparations have been continuing for the upcoming crusades. The posters are circulating, the banners are up, the ground is prepared and the prayers and fasting are being offered to the Lord.

We have had a couple of days weíre we can relax and get over the travelling and adjusting to this very different climate. Also God continues to give us lots of divine appointments.

Tomorrow the hard work begins when we head up to Kakamega and begin what will be 15 days of ministry, and mission.

Iíd love to tell you all about our divine appointments right now but be blessed to know that your prayers are working. God is good.

Some of you will know we have faced opposition to this mission too

My daughter Faith had a bad episode and was sent home in a cab from college. Thank you to all who prayed. She is doing better already.

South Africa has been made a red list country along with 6 neighbouring countries. Please pray Kenya is not added. We do not want to miss Christmas at home, but can only focus on what God has given us to do. Please pray.

Bishop Raphael said the first event is already outgrowing our current tent. So we are not surprised by opposition. Letís pray against opposition and a harvest to follow.

We expect Gods goodness to continue to be manifested.

God is doing something wonderful here and this work is expanding.

Please pray along the following lines:

  • Resist opposition both here and at home. (No red list too)
  • A harvest over the coming weeks. Signs and wonders to increase too.
  • We want to plan 7 such trips for 2022, pray for an influx of everything we need, including finances to be able to do this.
  • We really need the big tent vision established. Please pray all obstacles to be removed and finances to pour in for the next phase too.

Thank you blessed brothers and sisters hope to give fruitful updates soon as God continues to move, save and heal.

Yours in Christ
Steve Pilkington

steve at lake victoria in kenya nov 2021

alex witnessing in kenya nov 2021   alex witnessing in kenya nov 2021

alex witnessing in kenya nov 2021   alex witnessing in kenya nov 2021

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