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Newsletter - 15th March 2022

operation hope - aid for ukrainian refugees via moldova - march 2022

Feedback from Moldova and the work going on to help refugees!

Dave Orange forwarded this message from missionaries in Moldova and the work that is happening on behalf of refugees

Dear Friends

Thank you for all your generous gifts, here is a message from Mark which I thought you would like to read, sounds like they are doing an amazing job with you help.

Costel has set up a telegram group He and all his team leaders are on it and over 200 other volunteers.

When a believer on this group has space in their home for refugees they post on the group - I can take 3 families for 2 days or I can take a mother and 2 children for longer term or I can come with my car but have no fuel etc
When guests arrive and make their needs known the team leader on that shift looks at the telegram group and connects needs with offers or makes known other needs that have not had an offer yet
He then gets in touch with whoever posted and says ďI see you can take a mother and child for such and such They will be delivered to you at 16:0 tonight Ö. Etc etc

God has already opened an amazing number of Lydia homes
I read a stat that around 300k refugees have entered Moldova from 28 Feb to 12 March 200k have left Moldova which means around 100k are staying in Moldovan homes even if only for a day or two.

I have to tell you that the vast vast majority (at least 80%) of those homes taking refugees are believers for the govt is giving no financial help to people to take refugees.

Today as Costel and I were coming back home we took a family of one grandfather and 4 kids directly to one of these families who had posted on one group.

These believers have been largely doing this from their own resources and now with some help from gifts like yours.

If you feel led to give to Christian missionaries Helping refugees just click below and donate with the reference Moldova! Thanks and God Bless


operation hope - give to moldova




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Credit: Map of Ukraine by Nations Online Project