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thoughts from the study


Thoughts From The Study Learning How To Pray

A short look at some verses from Matthew 6, exploring why prayers get answered and how Jesus taught us to be when approaching Father God with requests. See some keys to getting answered prayers and a deeper walk with God.


Thoughts From The Study - Living By Faith

A short look at the famous verses in the second half of Matthew 6. Consider the birds of the air or the lilies of the field etc. Very challenging, but hang in there its a blessing too.


Thoughts From The Study - The Ethiopian Eunuch

A look at the first Christian missionary to Africa. A man transformed by the prophecies of Isaiah and a supernatural encounter with an evangelist filled with the Holy Spirit.


Thoughts from the Study - Acts 1:1 8

A look at the first 8 verses of Acts. Our partnership with the Holy Spirit


Thoughts from the Study - The Ascension - Acts 1

A look at the ascension of Jesus Acts 1


Thoughts from the Study - Why is this chapter important - Acts 2 introduction

A few words of introduction about why Chapter 2 of Acts is important


Thoughts from the Study - The Coming of the Holy Spirit - Acts 2:1-4

A look at the first 4 verses of Acts chapter 2


Thoughts from the Study - Be Encouraged - Matthew 14

A word of encouragement and endurance in the trials



Credit: Bible Explore the word Stock Photo, by Andrik Langfield from Unsplash