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Newsletter - 13th March 2022

operation hope - God is faithful - march 2022

Let us testify of Godís faithfulness

I asked for prayer last week for things we had no power to change.


We had a real desire to help missionaries in Moldova who are working so hard driving refugees from Ukraine to Poland. We had no money to send as a mission. Yet God touched you and we were able to forward a gift directly to them. And we have heard of others doing the same. Thanks to Godís faithfulness these missionaries are free to press on with the work God has given them. Please continue to pray for their safety as well as ongoing provision. God is wonderful

Car Problems

Our broken car seems so insignificant compared to wars and refugees. Yet our God knows all our needs. I asked for prayer and I know many of you joined in this. We either needed another car, or 1000-1500 pounds to rebuild the engine on this one. It seemed to us to be such an impossible situation. Yet I was in total peace. I remarked to my wife, ďIím sat here almost an invalid with this shoulder and with our car broken, I canít get to hospital appointments and clinics, yet I feel I need do nothing but trust GodĒ. Truth is there was nothing I could do.

In a very short time some precious members of our Christian family here in Fairbourne brought their almost new car to us and said we donít need it just now, use it while you have a need. Wow, such love.
Then within hours they were back intouch.
Someone who wished to remain anonymous had told them to tell us they were giving £1000 to get the car repaired and the money was dropped off shortly. Then within a day the rest was deposited into our account by someone else.
God blew me away with His faithfulness indeed.
Such undeserving Grace is given to us.

Godís faithfulness is promised and steadfast

I remember asking God for a verse of scripture to encourage me that He is willing to provide for me as His child. He gave me Psalm 137:5
ďIf I forget you, Oh Jerusalem,
Let my right hand forget itís skillĒ

The right arm or hand of God in the Old Testament relates to Jesus. It is His skill to save you, to heal you, to provide for you. If He calls you He will make a way. For Him to leave you in that moment would be as if His right hand forgot what it does. God does not forget.

The next verse says
ĒIf I do not remember you, ?Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouthĒ

You can trust Him

operation hope - God is faithful - march 2022

Living in Godís faithfulness

The truth is, it isnít always easy. Often our ministry account is empty when we are so desiring to do so much. We have not done any paid work for anyone in almost a year. Sometimes with a family of 7, homeschooling our children, paying for exams etc. it feels like an absolute impossibility. We wonder how we could get through the week, not in any way knowing where any help could come from. Yet God does not forget His promises. He called us to this life. And He has been faithful, we are still here, we have always had everything we need and He never ceases to amaze us with His awesome Grace.

A revelation - A dream

I confess, I have been one who can tend to think about the things still needed to be done rather than the things already done. I use the word ďlackĒ, when I am waiting for answers. Please believe me, it is wrong thinking! We have no lack at all because we have Jesus and in Him we have all that we need!

The other day I had a dream. In this dream I died and went to heaven. I was face to face with the Lord, and can you believe the first question I asked Him wasÖ
Why did I always have lack. Why didnít we get money coming in to do all the things I was called to do?

The Lord said
Every time you stepped out in faith to do anything I asked you to do. You had enough provision to do it. All it requires is faith, funds donít come in advance of faith, they come as a result of faith.

So simple
But so true

I want to testify this day, our God has never failed us. He has met our every need both personally and in the ministry. Every time I have stepped out in faith He has backed His word that brought the faith. Itís all Him hallelujah!

My nerve damage

I also requested prayers for the immense pain Iíve been in with this trapped nerve. Although it is a journey Iím still on I want to testify that in faith I reduced my daily tramadols from 8 to 3. I have felt a good reduction in pain and feel it is turning a corner. Iím still going to take the MRI scan to check everything out, but my days are becoming far more manageable. Thanks for those ongoing prayers.

What next?

We are pressing on in pursuit of the tex letter we need to ship our big top tent to Africa. Believing for breakthrough soon and knowing God will provide for the shipping when it is time. We hope this will not delay much longer. This vision will be fulfilled. I have questioned it in my moments of weekend but God keeps bringing me back to His promise.

We are very hopeful to be travelling to Africa very soon as my arm gets better. Iím so looking forward to ministering the word to our precious Africans again soon.

Another step of Faith

I am stepping out in faith again. Something God has shown us very clearly is that we need to buy a 7.5t truck in Kenya. We will re fabricate the back of this truck into a drop down stage. It will have a built in sound system able to reach thousands and generators etc. some of you may remember Angus Buchan in Africa and have a good idea what God is saying. If not please Google this dear brother and his truck ministry.

I believe these trucks will transport our tents, but also enable us to do open air events cost effectively and regularly. Truth is we wonít use the big tent every time we go. But we do want to reach thousands.

Especially in dry seasons we will reach many thousands of souls with such a stage truck.

Please join us in regular prayer and fasting for this need to be met. God will do it! We will see His glory and the gospel shall be preached!

Thank you all so much,
ďGod does nothing except through prayerĒ John Wesley

operation hope operation hope

operation hope

May your faith be greatly encouraged and thank you so much for continuing to pray with us.

May God richly Bless each one of you in the mighty name of Jesus!

All our love Steve and Lisa Pilkington.




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