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Newsletter - 30th April 2021

operation hope - progress report and prayer pointers - apr 2021

Progress Report

operation hope - big top tent ready for kenya

A short update on our progress for your appreciated and continued prayers.

Well a little over 8 weeks ago we went public with what felt like a ridiculous vision. Many times I felt myself saying to God are you sure! And wondered where on Earth would provision come from for such a huge undertaking.

Well we may not be there yet, but...

We asked God to provide a tent for 3000 people and He has done it. Itís a wonderful big top marquee which will draw precious souls from miles around.

We asked God to provide a new shipping container that we could store it in, and eventually ship it in too. We have one!
Same colour and design as the one above, it has a lifespan of 30 years and will be our permanent secure storage facility in Eldoret Kenya.

We asked God to provide a safe secure location to have our mission base. A lady in Eldoret who has a faithful heart towards this mission is allowing us to use her land. When we go she will accommodate us. All as an offering to the Lord for now. Wow!
We hope to be able to bless this lady and take a long term rental from her or even buy this land in the not too distant future. One of the main pastors we work with as well as herself occupy this area and the site will be very secure.

Please let us all thank God for these wonderful answers to prayer. We are not in debt He has provided. Hallelujah!!!

Points to continue praying over

  1. That the Lord would deal with Covid! As you know so many are dying without Jesus and it is preventing us from going and telling them.
  2. Best solution to Shipping. We have had real difficulties and are on a huge learning curve when it comes to getting everything set up. If only it was a case of shipping it direct. We need all kinds of red tape removing, it will most probably take months of hard work to get to the point of shipping the container. I need God to lead the way and speak so clearly. when I take my hands off, God does amazing things. Keep praying please.
  3. Charity registration, Iím still trying to get Operation Hope registered as a CIO (charitable incorporated organisation). We have avoided it before but now we absolutely need it. The process is taking a long time and Iím no solicitor. I have been trying to do it myself. Oops prayer definitely needed.
  4. We need to look at setting up a branch of this charity in Kenya. If you know anything about Africa youíll know this needs prayer too.
  5. Pray for guidance, I Steve am considering applying for residency of Kenya to aid my coming and going. But also to potentially help move the tent and other bits into the country easier.
  6. Pray for timing. Lisa and I know that God has told us that I will not have time to continue my tent making. We know our God who provided for this tent and container will also provide for those who fully depend on Him. Iím taking great comfort from the sermon on the mount at present. As well as the teachings of George muller. I believe the time is right to step out fully this way. Keep us in your prayers please.
  7. August - We are planing to take a good sized team in August to do a mission. Pray re covid, and all the preparations and finances involved for everyone concerned.
  8. Tangible items to pray in for the big top tent missions. We need a very powerful PA system for 3000 people, heavy duty generators, a truck in Kenya and preferably a 4x4 and trailer too. We need a good reliable team to be working when we are there doing missions and preparing when we are not. Iím sure there are tons of things I havenít thought about, but God knows!

We know our God wants to do big things in these last days snd are determined not to shy away at the size of the task. Stand with us and pray that God will go ahead in all things.

If God ever enables you and puts it on your heart to support this or any part of this ministry in any way, click the link to our webpage and get in touch or simply message me directly.

Bless you all so much
We feel and so appreciate your prayers that are supporting us each step of the way.

Steve, Lisa and the children


operation hope - kenya 2019 - crowds at tent mission meeting

operation hope - kenya 2019 - reaping the harvest


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