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African Prisons

In Africa many prisoners go without absolute basics

Sanitary wear, Toilet paper, soap and teeth brushes!

women prisoners in african prisons   women prisoners in african prisons   women prisoners in african prisons   women prisoners in african prisons

Women prisoners often have babies in the jail with them. There is simply no other provision made.

As part of our outreach and education program

Operation Hope seeks to provide each prisoner with these four basic needs.

It costs a minimum of 350 each time we enter a prison as a result of this commitment

Can you help towards this vital need?

The fruit from this outreach has been phenomenal

We recently received a letter from the Kakamega prison admin dept.

As a result of your ministry, many lives have been changed.

Behaviour has improved to such a degree that sentences are being reviewed.

Some prisoners have seen their sentences reduced from life to 5 years.

Others have been set free.

Even guards are getting personal breakthroughs

On our last visit we were asked to baptise over 150 male prisoners who had radically changed lives because of Jesus

The results are awe inspiring

Will you help us to continue this vital work?

And visit more prisons than ever!

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