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Newsletter - 3rd June 2021

operation hope - zoom prayer meeting - june 2021


Zoom time
Are we flying out?

Zoom needs to move times slightly & We are still planning to leave for Africa on Tuesday morning 8th June at 5am, God willing.

Greetings, I just wanted to drop a line to say a couple of things. We need to drive to Liverpool Sunday afternoon to take PCR tests in order to check in Monday night/Tuesday morning. I donít think we can get back home for 7pm. I think we can make it for 8:30pm (Sunday) and intend to be online and starting the meeting then. If you can join us it will be great to see you before we go. The details are the same.

Meeting ID: 880 1036 0711

Passcode: Kenya21


Are we still going?

Ok we believe God is testing our faith and it has been a very challenging few weeks. We believe He wants us to still go and we are planning to go.
However it requires miracles to happen.
We expect that we will have to quarantine for 2 weeks and so if we can go we will now be staying much longer than first planned. Possibly even staying there to greet the team in August and returning with them. So much is up in the air, with rules changing daily and new financial requirements etc etc. Please stand with us as we attempt to stay in peace snd trust Him in all things.
We will go if He wills it and we will re schedule if He doesnít. But we believe we are going, and will pursue that aim till the last moment.

We value your prayers so very much!
We bless you in Him
Steve and Lisa

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