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Newsletter - 30th June 2021

operation hope - new

Another week of blessings

Zoom is not possible again this Sunday but a brief update and prayer requests are below. Thanks for your prayers!

The Tent Arrived!

Our brand new 200 seater tent arrived safe and sound late on Wednesday. In order to pay the final payment we had to see the tent erected in our compound, which they decided to do in the dark! We had fun and games setting it up, although we didnít bother fitting the walls as it was 1am by the time weíd finished. Itís a good tent for Africa and will do us proud as we go forward with the gospel.

We have three tent missions booked over the next three weeks which is going to be a real highlight for sure. Please pray for salvations, signs and wonders.

Grace did a little fun video below

operation hope - new

Grace's short video of the fun and games

The Revival meetings were a real blessing!

This last week we had 6 meetings of 5 days, each evening and Sunday morning. It was a great opportunity to pour in to the believers before the gospel outreach begins. God led me to preach a series of messages about being equipped to go out with the good news in power, and living the Christian life in Faith.

The response and the fellowship was amazing, God really moved and I believe people have been challenged and empowered.

On Sunday the Lord instructed me to preach the gospel and give an alter call, I thought everyone was saved already but I obeyed and God blessed it. We saw 10 salvations and powerful healings too. Thanks be to the Lord!

What a celebration followed.

My girls were thrown in the deep end with the churches Sunday school group. They did really well, thanks for your prayers. It is so good to see them entering in and praying for people etc. For I will pour out my Spirit upon your offspring!


The field agreement is done and we have a secure base of operations!

The agreement is in place for our field and mission base! We reached an agreement to rent the field shown below on last weeks video clip. We will be paying the equivalent of £60 a month which is both a blessing to Grace who owns it, and a huge blessing to us. We will be growing vegetables for people who need them and also have plenty of secure storage for a container, car, lorry etc. As God leads and provides

The field which will become our mission base

Points for Prayer!

Tomorrow, Thursday, we are travelling 70km to pray for a lady who was left paralysed down one side after a stroke 3 years ago. Please pray! We are constantly out of our depth! But God is so good.

During the week we went to pray fir a young girl who was very close to death with a serious heart problem. Her brain was starved of oxygen and she clung to life. We prayed sincerely believing God for a miracle. She regained consciousness for a short time and spoke about seeing mighty men (I believe angels) She said she could feel it and then went asleep again. She passed away this morning which was so sad and yet we know God came for her. She had no fear and we believe the Lord sent His mighty men to collect her.
She clung to my arm as I prayed yet there was no fear in her at all. We trust her to our Saviour, but ask your prayers for her father, sibling and guardian. They are grieving as you would expect.

Today we drove to Kakamega for an important meeting with Bishop Raphael Buluma. The setting up of Operation Hope in Kenya, establishing a board, and trying to ship the container were the agenda. We hope we made good progress and pray for strong relationships to form between our Kenyan partners who are just getting to know one another.

This Wednesday coming, Andy and Lauren fly out to join the team for the tent missions. Please prayer for each stage of their preparation and journey.

Please join us in praying for a real harvest from these three tent missions about to start next week.

We are earnestly seeking a good Christian lawyer in Nairobi that will be a trustworthy blessing to help us finish setting up Operation Hope in Kenya, and seeking an exemption letter from the government to bring our tent over. Please pray for Gods solution.

It has become very clear that this ministry is going to require its own transportation as soon as God allows. A car is needed for ministry purposes, but something that could also move the small tent and equipment would be ideal. When the container arrives we will need a lorry too, in order to move the big tent around. Sadly relying upon services which we can hire is not a good solution. Just getting the small tent delivered has been a nightmare. We continue to make the best of what we can use but our own 4x4 is an essential need. And going forward we need a lorry. Join with us in Faith as we ask Father to provide, We seem to be asking Father for a lot these days, but He is leading us clearly snd a huge harvest is ahead. We are utterly assured of this, and know He will provide all of our needs to perform His will.

Finally, Kenya remains on the red list! We are not looking to Quarantine on our way home, it is expensive and needless. Please pray that God opens up a door for us to return home with the least added expense. Self isolation at home is much more preferable. I believe God sent us and is going to bring us back too.

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