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Newsletter - 8th Aug 2021

operation hope - thank you for praying - aug 2021

Thanks so much for praying!
We are home!

He is so faithful!

Wow, that was a stressful journey I have to admit. There is no way we should be home by now. Travelling to a red list country is not recommended if you want to be able to return home. But God said go!

He had so much to achieve and He has done it! It is so clear that we needed to go at this impossible time, however after two months of separation from loved ones we are so grateful to be home too.

We will put together a report of what was achieved and what still needs to be done soon, however we just wanted to send a few lines to thank you for praying and give God glory for the impossible!

He makes a way where there is no way!

We had hoped when we left the UK that Kenya would come off the red list allowing us to return home. It never happened, covid is an unknown entity in much of Africa with unclear testing and little vaccination. Not only did Kenya stay on the red list but the UK decided to put the price of Quarantine up! For the 5 of us it would have been over £8000 which we don’t have.

We had decided to try to get out via an amber country. Cyprus seemed a good option until the night before when they refused entry to our daughters. At the last moment we had to decide if we should stay in Kenya or try something else. We felt led to board the flights we had booked, but disembark at the Amsterdam connection and wait there.

God said to us we needed to trust Him fully and be willing to push when needed. Nairobi was chaotic, Faith and Graces passports were taken, and I had to literally wrestle them back and push our way to check in.

We were so relieved to reach Europe, however it was short lived.
The Dutch immigration controls told us there is now a ban on any UK citizens entering on a tourism visa due to covid.
We were to be deported back to Kenya to find another route home at a later date.
They left us sat at one side while they went away with our passports. We prayed and trusted. 30 mins later they came back and said there is no possible exception in the rules but they were allowing us through anyway. God is so good!

We were heavily penalised financially to get our cases, but we were officially out of a red list country.

After waiting 11 days we flew home via Manchester on 5th August. We have passed our PCR tests and are home with our families.

God is so good
We should be stranded in Kenya completely unable to get home, with no money.
But God…
He never fails those who put their trust in Him!!!

Thank you for carrying us through your prayers!
We love you and value your support so much!

Will be intouch soon

Steve, on behalf of the whole team



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