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Newsletter - 11th June 2021

operation hope - the harvest is here


The harvest is here

Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

God is so good, we are taking this time of quarantine to prepare for the harvest that is coming soon. I have been so blessed to spend quality time with my precious daughters, and see them moving forward. We have some youth services and Sunday school groups for them to preach at, please keep them in your prayers, they are in the deep end. I am booked for two leaders conferences and a week of revivals over the next three weeks too. Also we have the opportunity to book and plan a series of very productive tent crusades, if God enables us to get the tent we need.

Pastor Andy McCulloch is healing well from his broken hip and planning to join us in 4 weeks time for the big push in the last three weeks. He will be bringing his daughter Lauren who can join with our girls for more meetings too.

There is so much we can do if all goes to plan. Keep praying that we can take great strides for the gospel. I have attached some pictures of tents made here in Nairobi, i can get one to seat 300 people comfortably for around 2000 GBP. With the walls down we would get double in each service easily and this tent would be used a great deal. While we are here and when we go. I'd expect to get some fruitful years from it. As I've shared before we will do as many big top crusades as possible but we also need a smaller tent that can go in a pick up and be used in smaller locations, as well as being moved around a lot. If you feel you are able to contribute to this please pray about it and consider clicking the donation button or getting in touch. The harvest is here and we are ready to do as much as we can.

Below are some pictures of small tents they made, ours would be similar but bigger.



support the small tent appeal for kenya

A few thoughts for those who have time and would like to listen.

As part of this quarantine I've been able to sit with the Lord and look at the scriptures in preparation for ministry coming up.
Last evening I shared a few things that i thought might cause us to think about the life of a disciple.
You may not agree with everything but I hope it'll bless some and cause others to look at scriptures again.
The video is below.

Life of a Disciple and Child of God

Some reflective thoughts on what the Christian life really is and what it means to follow Jesus




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