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Newsletter - 4th October 2021

operation hope - six month report - oct 2021

Accountability Report

6 Months have passed since we went public with the big tent vision! - What have we done? Where did the money go? Have we achieved our goal?

6 Months ago God said launch out into the deep. And, wow we did, everything has changed for sure! As you will know, God has told us to take a huge tent and in the future, stages etc, and preach the gospel. Our vision is for the continent of Africa, and we believe God told us we’d see a million souls saved!

The Lord told us early on that it was not just a case of praying in a £15k tent. Actually we would need £100k in year 1 just to set up this ministry, before we could put up the big top and preach the gospel to thousands at a time.

Well we have been so overwhelmed with what God did, and your generosity too. Wow

God has blown our minds, and has laid it on His children’s hearts to support this ministry. He has brought in £39,245, and we’d like to not only thank those who gave but offer a report as to where it went, and what we are doing next. Nearly all of it has been spent with only £500 remaining in the account from a recent gift.

What have we achieved, where did it go?

  • Big Top Tent 3000 seater purchased plus transports and deliveries
  • UK charity registered in the name of Operation Hope
  • Brand new Container bought and delivered to Wales, Tent delivered to go inside it.
  • 3000 watt Bose PA system bought and delivered & Mixer desk given. This was an excellent deal and could have cost many tens of thousands. God is good.
  • Gospel Tent bought in Kenya
  • 4x4 Car in Kenya
  • Garage/storage built in Kakamega
  • Field food program rented and set up in Eldoret
  • 9 Week mission inc flights, ministry, first tent missions completed setting up charity in Kenya, sourcing a house etc etc etc

(Also God led us in varying ways to give to His people in Israel and other ministries around the world)

Total amount used to achieve all that we have and get to this stage £39,245 Balance remaining £500

We want you to know without giving figures that, God challenged us to sell all we have and give too. We sold all we could without having to stop living, reduced to one car etc. Everything that we have has been committed to this and other ministries as we’ve abandoned ourselves in Gods plan. Or launched out into the deep. I don’t write this to boast but to witness that when God calls He wants us to be fully committed too. And we don’t want anyone to think we ask anyone else to help, when we could sacrifice ourselves.

As Elisha did with his plough, I was told to sell my tools, burn my bridges to self sufficiency and trust God alone.


So we are half way through year 1

We have seen God provide nearly £40,000


What do we still need to achieve?

List of things needed to be achieved

  • Finalise the charity in Kenya (prayer needed, the cogs move slowly)
  • Exemption letter Kenya (prayer needed, the cogs move slowly)
  • Residence status if needed (?)
  • 3 phase generator trailer & small generators
  • Peg whacker machine
  • Rest of sound equipment
  • Lighting
  • Chairs
  • HGV Lorry, fresh water carriers, trailers etc.
  • At the appropriate point, ship the container to Kakamega.
  • Finalise the rental of the property in Kakamega, keep the container there too
  • Fix up the house for teams to stay, and pay the rent. We look forward to taking many people into God’s harvest on the mission field.
  • Fence the new property, with gates for the lorry etc, as well as employ security.
  • Trailer for the car and towbar etc, to move the smaller tent and equipment.
  • Small PA for the small tent if needed.
  • Train a team for event co-ordinating, and also tent erection etc. It has been suggested that other ministries could use it for a donation/hire charge. Which would give our local team a wage too.
  • Planning/budget for trips in November/December 2021, Jan/Feb 2022.

As you may be aware, to achieve all this will not only require the other £60+k God has promised, but… God’s economy too.

We kindly ask that you would stand with us in prayer as this vision is realised. We have launched out into deep waters. We are fully committed to what God has said. So please join with us in prayer as we trust Him together.

If God lays it on your heart to help and partner with us and our ministry team. Please get in touch as God enables.

All our love and blessings

Steve, Lisa and the family

operation hope - the one who calls you is faithful and He will do it - oct 2021

partner with operation hope - oct 2021




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Credit: The One Who Calls You is Faithful by Shannon from Sweet Blessings