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Newsletter - 16th Mar 2021

operation hope - changes ahead - mar 2021

operation hope - kenya 2021

Changes Ahead
Prayer Points

operation hope - kenya 2021

Developments - Big Tent Africa Vision

The dust is beginning to settle a little more since we shared the vision two weeks ago. We have some specific points and leading we need your prayer over. It is such a delight to know you are standing with us as a family and praying for us especially at this time.

Firstly let me just say there have been few times in my life were I have heard God more than these recent weeks. He has given us so many mind blowing confirmations. Many of the times God has spoken to me through scripture He has then confirmed it through others in the most Wonderful ways. Rather than attempt to go through everything in a diary format Iíll just list the main scriptures below for those who would like to look any of them up.

Main developments - Prayer points

• I believe that the call of a missionary evangelist is to be my main focus with the exception of the house of prayer meetings. Prayer is the engine room for everything we do. I Steve expect to be in Africa a lot more than before. I expect in these coming years I will be away from home for months of the year. Lisa and I have discussed and prayed this through. However it makes more sense for our family to stay in wales if I will be travelling to different places on each trip. We are committed however that we are now responding to a call to be missionary evangelists to the continent of Africa. I donít expect to have time to be working in self employment as things start to develop.

• God has instructed us to turn Operation Hope into a Charity incorporated organisation or COI. We will be trusting God for large amounts of money on a regular basis and must be 100% transparent and accountable. It will no longer be enough for us to know we are honourable with finances, we want others to see it. Iíve often resisted this as itís a secular structure that I struggle with, but I stepped out in obedience and the paper work has been submitted to the charity commission for approval.

• God has shown us that these missions will be bigger and more complicated than we have dealt with so far. We need to have a full team either from here or with a mixture of people in Africa too. God has spoken to one person who is a passionate evangelist and skilled electrician and he has committed himself to helping this vision work. Others have declared they want to stand with us in any way they can too. God is good.

• As these missions will require serious learning and organisation, we believe it would be excellent to be able to get alongside an organisation that is already doing this sort of mission, and preferably in Africa. We are trying to make contacts as God leads. Please pray for favour with the correct people.

• The tent - the ministry which owns the tent I showed you on the earlier message have been in touch. They have a serious buyer lined up and are considered selling it. I have a complete peace about this. If that is the correct tent we will have all we need in time. But honestly if not itís because God had a better way. The vision remains the same. That tent was something I found online that seemed perfect. God knows what perfect looks like.

• We want to hear Gods detailed instructions for each step. To make right moves at the right time. We value immensely the prayers of you saints. Please uphold us, and consider sharing it with others if they will pray. We can add them to the email list.

• God has promised us a million souls, we believe it! IT SHALL BE! It is completely beyond us. We are just battered middle aged Christians painfully aware of our shortfalls. But He is the saviour of the world and has all the power we will ever need. Pray for us as we take scarily large steps. The Lord said launch out into deep water and put your nets down for a catch. We are obedient if nothing else.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support in many ways. Let me also say how great full we are to those who have poured into this vision financially, it is so encouraging.

Bless you all so much in Jesus name
Steve, Lisa and our tribe



List of main scriptures God has used to speak to us so far.

Luke 5:4

Exodus 35 & 36:1-7

Psalm 36:5-11

John 14:1,12

John 15:7-8

John 15:16

John 16:23

Proverbs 23:12

Joshua 1:5-17

Psalm 36:5-11

Habakkuk 2:2-3

1 Thessalonians 5:24

Exodus 33:14

1 Corinthians 2:16

Joshua 3:2-6

Exodus 33:11


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