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Newsletter - 24th June 2021

operation hope - god keeps doing more - jun 2021

God keeps doing more!

He surely does more than we think to ask! Why are we surprised! God is so good!

Every time I think about what God wants to do He shows me that actually His plan is for much more. My prayer is not God do this or that, but God do all that you will and donít let us get in the way.

  1. We thought weíd be locked up in Quarantine for two weeks, God said no, Iíll give you great contacts and advice to bring the container over. Then Iíll give you an opportunity to preach my word on TV to 8 counties across Kenya!
  2. Yesterday we started the first 5 days of revival meetings here in Eldoret. Wow God came in power we were so blessed and encouraged for what He will do over the coming weeks. Iíve put some pictures below.
  3. We had a meeting with some pastors from a pastors fellowship here, and will meet more this week. I was given an opportunity to share the vision and they immediately witnessed with this vision and embraced us whole heartedly. Not one person trying to see what we can give but all seeing what they can contribute. We committed together to do 5 solid weeks of ministry. These first two weeks will have 5 days of revival meetings. The three weeks that follow will be tent missions, including a pastors conference in the day and gospel meetings in the evening.
    We have been bold to declare on banners and flyers and posters in these areas that God is coming in power. Bring the sick, bring the possessed, receive salvation and freedom in Christ! Please up hold us and pray for continued strength.
  4. Today we visited a school which will be the site of the first big crusade when the huge tent comes. They were so warm to the gospel and even got the girls to go and greet the school children. We will indeed see thousands attend each service in this site. God will save the multitudes! the picture above is in this school field.
  5. We have found our permanent base for as long as God wills! Grace Nyairo, who we are with has struck a deal for us to take a big secure plot of land. Within weeks it can be ready to receive our container. But wow it can do so much more, we have absolute security and freedom to do what we need to with this base. Building, whatever God says. Iíll attach a video below just before the pictures. We have agreed to trust God to pay £60 a month for this land for now, a portion will be used for our storage, the rest we will farm! Yes it will be farmed to grow food to be used by the needy and even bring a little income for the folks here and potentially lower the rent a little.
    If any churches or individuals want to contribute to this, we could cover this rent if only 3 people felt led to give £5 a week. God will provide no doubt! Amen
  6. Little did I know but the interpreter on the first meeting was also a staff member at Stewardship TV. A TV station covering a lot of western Kenya even up to Nairobi. Iíve been invited to record a program and to share the vision of Operation Hope to the nation. Praise God!
  7. The tent is nearly made, we expect to receive it Tuesday! I will send pictures ASAP. Praise God!
  8. We look forward to seeing Andy and Lauren from Rochdale join us in a couple of weeks. You can see them on the poster below for our first tent meeting. Please pray for their preparation and travel and ministry when they arrive.

I will continue to update quite regularly as we go on. Keep us in your prayers. The girls are singing a song tonight at the main meeting. As well as preparing to speak to the Sunday schools and youth. Please keep praying, God is so good.

God Bless you dearly
Steve Faith and Grace

Operation Hope Base Eldoret



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