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Operation Hope Appeal for Kenya, Africa

Many in the developing world are in lockdown with no support or food to eat. The situation is absolutely desperate and getting worse.

It is my aim to raise as many thousands as possible and do all that we can to feed as many as possible. We have built up strong relationships over years with Bishop Raphael (Kakamega County, Kenya) and I can personally say that he is one of the most trustworthy people I have met. I do much of my mission planning with him. more >>

Great news from Kakamega - Thank you so much for giving so far.

Bishop Raphael sends his sincere thanks to all who have given to the feeding program appeal. Your generosity and love is making a huge difference. Tonight at 8pm on the Kenyan West TV channel Bishop Raphael was interviewed about this vital work. You literally are saving lives and helping the spread of the gospel.

We expect to see more from Eldoret later in the week too. Iíll update you again as I get more information. Because of your generosity we have sent nearly £3000 to the ministers we support in Kenya. Great vital works are being done. We hope to keep this work going as long as needed, your help is vital and appreciated. more >>


What's the deal with Sin?

What's the deal with Sin? Good news from Psalm 51

A look at the background and content of Psalm 51


About us

Operation Hope is the ministry of Stephen and Lisa Pilkington

They have both been in ministry since 2007, Stephen graduated from Mission Bible School with a BA Hons in Theology and Missions. They have pastored churches, planted churches, hosted evangelistic and prayer based events around the country. They have been used in many other countries around the world in missions, leading thousands of souls to Christ, seeing countless miracles and healings as well as being privaliged to have set up an orphanage in Kenya. They are currently based in North Wales and are active in the region, believing God is about to move in a wonderful way.

Steve and Lisa firmly believe that all fruitful ministry should start with prayer, and is empowered by a lifestyle of prayer. Since 2008 they have been involved in and running Houses of Prayer everywhere, or Hope as it is known. Rather than making plans and asking God to bless them, it is their practice to seek God first, align with His plans and prayerfully partner with Him. Operation Hope is simply the outworking of all that God has commissioned them to do while in the House of Prayer.

Please take time to look through the different pages and see some of the activities they are currently involved in. God has been gracious to give Operation Hope all that is needed to bring tent missions and concentrated evangelistic events to your community here in the UK. Check the pages and contact us for more information. Stephen is available to visit churches to preach, inspire or offer strategic Kingdom training.


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"Operation Hope" take the GOOD NEWS; the life transforming Gospel message of Jesus Christ to communities around the world through tent missions, open air evangelism and other forms of Christian Missions. We hope you find everything you need whilst looking through this site but if not please don't hesitate to CONTACT US


newbold tent mission

newbold tent mission


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