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Newsletter - hat Happens when things don't go to Your plan? - 30th July 2022


What Happens when things donít go to Your plan?
An update on our year so far and what is to come.

I have purposefully been quiet lately, but I thought Iíd update you on what has been happening and what is going to be happening

This year has not gone according to my plans. At the end of last year I declared to my wife and friends that I would spend even more time in Africa. I would go 7 times visiting 3 nations. So far I have been only once.

The first 3 months were taken up on strong medication and in the most severe pain I have ever experienced. A trapped nerve brought everything to a complete stop.

I was able to go to Kenya after this and Alex and I saw God do great things. We also secured a new mission base and ordered a new mission tent to be made. Both actions of faith in the sight of trials.
To give balance to this email allow me to say how amazing God has been. His plans have gone perfectly to His design. He has provided a mission base, two mission tents one of which is much larger than weíve had before. He has given us transportation and contacts that have literally opened the door to the harvest field. We have seen many lives transformed and churches have been planted in previously untouched areas. God is doing amazing things! Sometimes in the storms I just lose sight of that.

As I returned to the UK in April the Lord showed me that I was about to enter more fiery trials. He spoke to me through Peter and said do not be surprised but instead rejoice that you share in the suffering of Christ, and will rejoice in His glory.

While in Kenya I developed a parasitic infection which once again brought everything to a stop. I can say with a thankful heart that all of this has now gone. However, related or not, I have now developed a hernia.

We have had to trust God for even more money as one after another problem has taken our cars out of action. Even when we sell the car and buy another we have ended up with another huge issue and still donít have a reliable car now.

So many trials and disappoints have come along that I confess I thought in my weakness about giving up. But God has gracefully carried us along. Everything has been thrown at us, the enemy has done all he could to convince us to quit. It seems everything has gone backwards. But God is at work.

At the moment you feel you are about to go under He speaks that word of encouragement to continue. He shows His glorious hand in what is going on and the refinement continues. Iíd love to say Iíd handled everything well but often my heart has complained to God. Yet he Loves, yet He continues His glorious work.

Even today God was showing me through the parable of the sower that Iím too often shallow soil. That man who receives Godís word gladly but after a while when persecution builds wants to give up. The vision God has given is His and I will not lose focus. Time to be deep rooted.

Jesus told His disciples to get in the boat and go to the other side. He didnít mention that they would endure a great storm in the middle of the sea. That it would feel like He was no where near them. He just said go to the other side. At their lowest point He came walking on the water and they thought it was a ghost. They had no hope left. However it was not death coming it was glorious life in all itís fullness. In the midst of the storm Peterís faith rose up and he stepped out of the boat he had been clinging to for dear life. Suddenly with their eyes on Jesus everything changed. The storm continued but itís power was gone.

The Lord is speaking to me again this day and I declare it to you precious friends. I am going back to Africa as soon as possible, before the end of September. I will preach as God has shown me in two places for 2 weeks. Then I will return to those places with a tent Mission in November and the fruit and glory will be Godís alone.
I trust in Him who is sending me, that nothing happens by accident and all things are working together for my good.

Please keep us in your prayers. We have taken huge steps of faith and faced a fiery attack. But God has the victory. We are trusting that He who has brought us this far will take us on yet further.

Please pray for the harvest, for changed lives to be our reward.

If you are able to support this work consider that too. Finances are all too often a stress factor and a difficulty. God is able to supply all of the needs we have for His missions. If he has enabled you to be a channel of that blessing we praise God and thank you for your willingness to be used in that way.

As I leave you for now I also ask. Are any of you dear friends who are called to preach free to come with me. In September Iím looking for a brother to accompany me for around 2-3 weeks to preach. In November Iím looking for more members of a team to come and get involved with a tent Mission. Pray and let me know if God leads. If you donít feel you are experienced to share in a lot of ministry but still want to come and experience a mission trip feel free to let me know too.


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Credit: Mountain peak from pxhere CC0 Public Domain, Bible verse by Potential Communications