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Newsletter - 2nd Sept 2021

operation hope - updates prayer requests and vision days - aug 2021

Updates on the prayer
requests and Vision days

Thank you all for your continued prayers. I just wanted to touch base and let you know where things are currently, regarding the prayer request weve sent out. Also to share about our vision days!

Our Vision

Vision Mornings

Could you invite us to share our vision at your churches? As you know we have a very specific vision at Operation Hope. We believe in a blood washed Africa. God has promised us a million souls, and we are starting that work with mass tent evangelism. This work is completely beyond us, but if we will walk by faith God will do even more.

Could you help us increase our newsletter list with people who will genuinely pray for us?

It has been put on my heart to go wherever God will open a door and share the vision God has given us. As well as share testimony about what He has already done. Please get in touch if youd be willing to host us at your church. Please pray as we go to Newbold Community Church on Sunday 12th September.


The Kenyan Charity

As youll remember we needed to set up a charity in Kenya in order to ship the container and operate properly as a mission. The cogs are still turning, our latest update is that it is just waiting for final intelligence checks on me (Steve Pilkington). As a foreigner they want to check me out properly before Im able to be a director of a ltd charity company.

The Tent

Our huge tent and equipment is currently still sitting the the container in Wales. Without the charity we cant risk shipping it. Due to astronomical taxes etc. Please pray for a swift completion of the charity and tax exemption in Kenya. Also we will need funds to ship the tent at that time, your prayers are appreciated and Gods timing is perfect.

Carrots, Cabbages and Onions

The Field Eldoret

Grace is the lady who owns the field in Eldoret, and is partnering us in this project to feed and to give work to the most needy in the community. She is making great progress, the field is cleared snd has been planted so far with Carrots, cabbage and onions. More to follow as this develops.

The Base Kakamega

The lady who currently owns the property we believe God wants us to use as a base, is stuck in Nairobi. Her daughter is sick and she is the only carer. Hence she has not made the journey to Kakamega to make arrangements for at least a rental of the house to start with. Please pray for this lady and daughter, her daughter has been ill for so long. Please pray that things will move at the right time, and well have the funds to proceed at that time too.

Covid High Risk Travel List

The Red list and Covid

Kenya is still on the red list, this is effecting what plans we could have been making for future trips. Please pray that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Covid seems to be getting worse, But God has said be ready to return at any time!

Our Family

We are pleased to report that Faith has remained well since returning from hospital. Her heart is healthy, but we dont know why this happened at this time. Sadly once you leave the hospital things tend to slow down. But we thank God for touching Faith and are believing for her continued healing.

I Steve have not taken up work after my return in obedience to God. We are working full time for the Lord and He is a wonderful master. We have had no salary now for nearly 4 months and yet we are still here. The Lord is good all the time.

lease continue to pray for us, we have huge demands as a large family and homeschooling too. We are trusting God!


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