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Operation Hope Appeal for Kenya, Africa

Many in the developing world are in lockdown with no support or food to eat. The situation is absolutely desperate and getting worse.

It is my aim to raise as many thousands as possible and do all that we can to feed as many as possible. We have built up strong relationships over years with Bishop Raphael (Kakamega County, Kenya) and I can personally say that he is one of the most trustworthy people I have met. I do much of my mission planning with him. more >>

Please watch this short video

Hi Everyone, long story short God has been speaking very clearly about what He wants us to do. Here in Wales, but also in Africa which is a big part of our vision.

Itís time to launch into deep waters and put out the nets for a catch.

Iíve contacted the trust holding this tent committing our plans in Faith.

Could you watch this short video and prayerfully consider sharing it with everyone and anyone that you think might have any interest.

Our Vision for Africa more information >>

Operation Hope - We got God's Big Top Tent

The yellow tent originally pictured and offered to us at a great price was removed from our grasp, price increased significantly and then sold to another buyer.

Of course this was confusing to begin with and required much prayer. The Lord spoke clearly to me that He was weaving things together perfectly. Then to Lisa, be still! So we did. Then....

God brought another tent to us, a circus big top. Itís not quite as big as the yellow one but bigger than I originally thought looking at pictures. Actually itís huge, as big as any circus tent used in the UK today! ... more >>

Operation Hope - Our Vision for Africa

God has told Operation Hope to buy a big tent, the one pictured in fact. A tent that could hold 3000 people and more with the walls removed. It is to be taken to Africa and kept in a base in Eldoret Kenya.

Then the team will take the tent throughout Africa preaching the Gospel, establishing the church and discipling the body of Christ. The Weather although hot in Kenya is often rainy and has been a hindrance to the open-air work in the past. A tent will be like a magnet to the lost drawing people from miles around... more >>

Wonderful Encouragement

Amazing encouragement and confirmation - God is so Good! What an understatement that saying is. Just want to touch base with a powerful confirmation and encouragement.

A week ago I shared our vision for rapid expansion in our tent crusade ministry in Africa. Well God is moving, He blew me away so wonderfully this evening...
more >>

Why do you need such a big tent?

rain in africa - tent mission kenya

People ask us...
"Why do you need such a big tent in Africa when itís so sunny and dry?"

People donít realise over here
But in Kenya it rains so much! In short sharp downpours
Where we go itís, Every day in fact!

more >>

Short testimony from our last mission

Reinhard Bonkke said that whenever they went to places which are strongholds of witch doctors and witch craft they would face fierce opposition from the weather. Tents and equipment costing hundreds of thousands could be ruined. But thatís when you need to decide to either cut and run or stand and press on... more >>

Changes Ahead - Prayer Pointers

The dust is beginning to settle a little more since we shared the vision two weeks ago. We have some specific points and leading we need your prayer over. It is such a delight to know you are standing with us as a family and praying for us especially at this time.... more >>

Our Mission partners

Updates from Kenya

Before I update you on The continued works in Kakamega and Eldoret - Let me remind you about the trip coming up in August 2021

We intend to take our largest team yet to Kenya in August 2021. You could be on this trip if God wills it.

Watch out soon as you will receive an email with a PowerPoint style presentation letting you know where weíll be going and what weíll be doing. If you feel led to look into the trip further it will be followed up with a zoom gathering in February with opportunity for Q & A... more >>

Hope is coming back soon!

We Believe things are getting better, and are making big plans!!! Starting with Hope!!!

We have been prayerfully watching for some time. Forgive us for not getting online like so many have done. But.. we are excited that the time may be close to start meeting again.

In faith we are making plans, you will hear them in the coming days. However one firm date we can give you is the re start of the house of prayer meetings in Fairbourne. We plan to start meeting once we go down to alert level 3. We have found a new venue which we are excited about... more >>


What's the deal with Sin?

What's the deal with Sin? Good news from Psalm 51

A look at the background and content of Psalm 51


About us

Operation Hope is the ministry of Stephen and Lisa Pilkington

They have both been in ministry since 2007, Stephen graduated from Mission Bible School with a BA Hons in Theology and Missions. They have pastored churches, planted churches, hosted evangelistic and prayer based events around the country. They have been used in many other countries around the world in missions, leading thousands of souls to Christ, seeing countless miracles and healings as well as being privaliged to have set up an orphanage in Kenya. They are currently based in North Wales and are active in the region, believing God is about to move in a wonderful way.

Steve and Lisa firmly believe that all fruitful ministry should start with prayer, and is empowered by a lifestyle of prayer. Since 2008 they have been involved in and running Houses of Prayer everywhere, or Hope as it is known. Rather than making plans and asking God to bless them, it is their practice to seek God first, align with His plans and prayerfully partner with Him. Operation Hope is simply the outworking of all that God has commissioned them to do while in the House of Prayer.

Please take time to look through the different pages and see some of the activities they are currently involved in. God has been gracious to give Operation Hope all that is needed to bring tent missions and concentrated evangelistic events to your community here in the UK. Check the pages and contact us for more information. Stephen is available to visit churches to preach, inspire or offer strategic Kingdom training.


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"Operation Hope" take the GOOD NEWS; the life transforming Gospel message of Jesus Christ to communities around the world through tent missions, open air evangelism and other forms of Christian Missions. We hope you find everything you need whilst looking through this site but if not please don't hesitate to CONTACT US


newbold tent mission

newbold tent mission


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