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Please watch this short video

Here is a short 4-minute video showing as concisely as possible our vision for Africa. Feel free to share or get in touch for more information.

Praise Update - 22nd Oct 2021

Just a short note to give God praise for answered prayer!

Many of you know we have been asking for prayer to get a registered charity in Kenya. We thought it was sorted a few months ago but we faced various delays.

Often these things can take years in Kenya!... more >>

Going back to Africa Soon! - 19th Oct 2021

Upcoming Missions Itinerary - Please Pray With us

Here are the dates and plans for the upcoming missions trip to Kenya. Please join us and pray for each stage if you can.

24th November - Fly from Manchester to Nairobi, then on to Kisumu the following day. It takes around 24 hours and can be really exhausting... more >>

Thoughts from the Study - The Ethiopian Eunuch

thoughts from the study - the ethiopean eunuch

Thoughts from the Study - Living by Faith

thoughts from the study - living by faith

Where Did All the Money Go? What Have We Done? - 4th Oct 2021

6 Months have passed since we went public with the big tent vision! - What have we done? Where did the money go? Have we achieved our goal?

6 Months ago God said launch out into the deep. And, wow we did, everything has changed for sure!

As you will know, God has told us to take a huge tent and in the future, stages etc, and preach the gospel. Our vision is for the continent of Africa, and we believe God told us we’d see a million souls saved! ...
more >>

Going back to Africa Soon! - 26th Sep 2021

Going back to Kenya in November!

Please join us in praying for a great harvest. We are delighted to announce that God has commissioned us to go back to Kenya this year in November!

We are going to do two tent crusades, and pastors conferences over a three week mission.... more >>

One Thing! Vision Day - 13th Sep 2021

I was invited to speak about the vision of Operation Hope and what God has been doing this last year.

The meeting was in Newbold Community Church, Rochdale. A huge thanks to all at the church for receiving us so well (Click below for video recording)... more >>

Church Visits - 9th Sep 2021

God is doing amazing Things! Could we come and show you?

God is continuing to amaze us with all the wonderful ways He is out working His vision for Africa! God has laid it on our heart to get out and share this vision! ... more >>

PA Equipment for Kenya Tent Missions - 9th Sep 2021

Little 250 mile trip today to collect our 3000 watt PA system and add it to the container for Africa.

Trevor who kindly took it and held it for us, said the ground literally shook when it was tested. Soon this huge tent and PA will go to Africa... more >>

Life of a Disciple and Child of God

life of a disciple and child of god - some thoughts from the quarantine sofa in nairobi

Mountain Top Thought - The Lord's Prayer

mountain top thoughts - the lords prayer

The field in Eldoret - 4th Sept 2021

Some pictures of the field in Eldoret that you have helped us rent. This year it has been planted with, Beans, carrots, peas, onions, carbadge, sukumawiki, spinach and potatoes.

It gives some work to those in need, vegetables to those who need it the most too... more >>

Updates Prayer Requests and Vision Days - 2nd Sept 2021

Updates on the prayer requests & Vision days

Thank you all for your continued prayers. I just wanted to touch base and let you know where things are currently, regarding the prayer request we’ve sent out. Also to share about our vision days!... more >>

Hope is Starting Again 28th Aug 2021

It has been such a long time, but…

The house of prayer meetings are finally starting again. We’ve missed our times of fellowship for sure. We’ve been waiting to get access to the village hall and or to rent a room suitable for the gatherings. Sadly due to ongoing covid outbreaks this still hasn’t happened... more >>

Thank You For Praying! 8th Aug 2021

He is so faithful!

Wow, that was a stressful journey I have to admit. There is no way we should be home by now. Travelling to a red list country is not recommended if you want to be able to return home. But God said go!... more >>

We are here in Amsterdam! 26th Jul 2021

Thank you so much for all your prayers, we hope to be home by 5th August

Testimony - God makes a way where there is no way!!! We had planned to go to Cyprus to see out the quarantine time before heading home. But the night before we left, Cyprus refused our girls entry due to a lack of vaccines which they are too young to have... more >>

A potential new base for Operation Hope in Kakamega, Kenya

potential new base for operation hope in kakamega, kenya

A change of plans and feedback 21st Jul 2021

When we arrived in Eldoret we hoped we would be able to plan and execute 3 separate tent mission in 3 weeks. It was an ambitious plan, as you may be aware that a successful tent mission requires a lot of planning and preparation.

We had to rely on some local pastors to plan when they haven’t had experience in this sort of thing. This sadly has resulted in these latter meetings being postponed till next time... more >>

Sometimes we pray and they still die - Testimony - Jul 2021

sometimes we pray and still they die

Hope Church Eldoret, Kenya - 18th Jul 2021

Hope of Glory Church Eldoret, Kenya

Photographs and videos of our blessed time at Hope Church Eldoret, Kenya... more >>

Coming here in a pandemic was crazy! But God!

God clearly told us to come, He has evidenced it throughout. Now we are trusting Him to open a door for us to return. Kenya is on the red list and it would cost a total of £5450 to bring the whole team into forced quarantine. We cannot and will not do it... more >>

Operation Hope Tent Mission in Kenya Jul 2021

the celebration continues

steve preaching

Meet my new brother in Christ “Babu”

He came to the meeting completely deaf but as we prayed and spoke the name of Jesus into his ears he was healed. It seemed nothing happened at first but I was moved to speak the name of Jesus into his ears. There is power in the name of Jesus!

He then gave his life to Jesus!
He clung to his bible and danced before the Lord

church service in eldoret

Pastor Andy McCulloch preaching | Operation Hope Eldoret, Kenya

andy preaching     andy preaching

A wonderful start to our mission - 8th Jul 2021

A Day On The Operation Hope Tent Mission Team

This was the first day of our first tent mission in Eldoret. After setting up in the morning, we went house to house giving the gospel, praying for the sick and inviting people to the meetings.

We saw Salvations and healings around the homes! It was truly a blessed time, a whole household received Christ in one go. Then a great response in the tent too! One guy who couldn’t walk too well was healed on a home visit and joined us in the evening pain free, praising God... more >>

This man is Ernest. He couldn’t stand without his son holding him up. He had to walk with assistance.

He was healed, gave his life to Jesus, and has been at the tent walking freely and praising Jesus these last two days. Thank you Jesus!... larger photograph >>

This lady came to the tent asking for salvation and healing. She walked with a terrible limp from a very painful knee. God healed her and she walked up and down the tent freely.

She gave her life to Jesus and is looking forward to coming to the tent again tomorrow

God is Great!... larger photograph >>

celebrate-with the angels

In Kenya when people are born again they celebrate with the Angels. These people are so filled with Joy from Jesus there could only be a party that followed.

Tent Mission about to start, the team all together - 7th Jul 2021

Please continue to pray as the Gospel mission really gets going!

The tent is up, the team are ready and everything is organised. We will be taking the first meeting tomorrow. Mornings will involve home visits and general house to house evangelism.

Evenings will be the gospel meetings in the tent. We pray that God will convict, save, heal and restore as we trust Him fully... more >>

Operation Hope "Small tent" Eldoret, Kenya - 7th Jul 2021



Putting the tent up and Lauren and Andy arriving! | Operation Hope Eldoret, Kenya

putting up the tent

Sticking to God’s plan | Sunday service - Eldoret, Kenya - 4th July 2021

sticking to gods plan

Spreading flyers and putting up banners! - 2nd July 2021

spreading flyers and putting up banners

Publicity work and One-to-One Outreach - 2nd Jul 2021

Grace made a little video of our publicity work and one to one outreach

Before a tent mission can go ahead, we first have to meet pastors, have breakfasts together encouraging unity.

Then we buy banners and posters advertising the campaign. These are literally put up everywhere, the community is saturated ... more >>

Another week of blessings - 30th Jun 2021

Our brand new 200 seater tent arrived safe and sound late on Wednesday. In order to pay the final payment we had to see the tent erected in our compound, which they decided to do in the dark! We had fun and games setting it up, although we didn’t bother fitting the walls as it was 1am by the time we’d finished.

It’s a good tent for Africa and will do us proud as we go forward with the gospel. We have three tent missions booked over the next three weeks which is going to be a real highlight for sure. Please pray for salvations, signs and wonders ... more >>

Eldoret Revival - Eldoret, Kenya - 27th Jun 2021

Amazing scenes this morning in this precious little fellowship in Eldoret.

It seemed they must all be saved but God said to preach the gospel anyway.

We saw 10 salvations, words of knowledge leading to healings, and many other healings as we prayed for the sick. To top it off we had a great testimony from a lady who brought her son to our last meetings in 2019. He had kidney problems and she was worried for him. As we prayed he was miraculously healed and 19 months on is doing great! ... more >>

Eldoret Revival - Eldoret, Kenya - 26th Jun 2021

Great time tonight at the revival meeting. God was meeting with all ages passionately

The Church is being equipped and sent out! Watch out Eldoret!... more >>

Operation Hope Healing Crusade

Rev Simon and Pastor Rose Kibet, Evangelist Stephen Pilkington, Pastor Andrew McCulloch - Hope of Glory International Church Kenya

With Faith, Grace and Lauren - 8th - 11th July 2021

3 - 7pm each evening at the Munyaka Estate ... more >>

No Zoom meeting this Sunday

No Zoom this Sunday but we hope to be back on zoom in a week.

Have you considered subscribing to the ministry YouTube channel?

Have you considered liking the ministry Facebook page? ... more >>

Revival Meetings in Eldoret, Kenya

We started today our 5 Days revival meeting here in our church together with Evangelist Stephen Pilkington and together with Faith Pilkington and Grace Pilkington Operation Hope UK.

Revival!! Revival!! in Africa continent...... To be the glory Amen.

We ask for your prayers upon this great tasks ahead of us. Rev Simon Kibet ... more >>

God keeps doing more than we can think to ask

He surely does more than we think to ask! Why are we surprised! God is so good!

Every time I think about what God wants to do He shows me that actually His plan is for much more. My prayer is not God do this or that, but God do all that you will and don’t let us get in the way.

We thought we’d be locked up in Quarantine for two weeks, God said no, I’ll give you great contacts and advice to bring the container over. Then I’ll give you an opportunity to preach my word on TV to 8 counties across Kenya!... more >>

Great news. Today we have placed the order for our second Evangelism tent in Kenya!

We are so greatful for all your prayers and encouragement. The mission is exceeding expectations so far as God does more than we think to ask.

We thought the first two weeks would be spent locked in a hotel room. Yet we have made great contacts, preached in Nairobi as well as on TV to 8 counties. We have made excellent progress trying to find the best way to register here in Kenya and to ship our container too.

And today we have paid the deposit and ordered a good sized tent. This tent is called the Small tent but only in comparison to our other one. It is the same size as the one we used to use in the UK. ... more >>

Prayer meeting - Zoom tonight

We will attempt a Zoom tonight at 7pm (Sun 20th June)

Tonight at 7pm we shall attempt to host a zoom meeting. If you normally join with us or wish to join in just use the usual log in links etc.

I can’t guarantee to quality of our connections but it seems ok and we will give it a good try. ... more >>

First Week of Revival meetings due to start

Starting on Wednesday we have the first week of ministry

The Girls will be speaking at youth services which is a bold step for them. I am sure God will use them and bless them, but they appreciate your prayers for sure.

I will be taking the main meetings and believe God has promised to be there in signs, wonders and miracles. I am believing for an outpouring of the Spirit which will glorify God, save the lost and revive the church ... more >>

Prayer meeting - Zoom tonight

We will attempt a Zoom tonight at 7pm (Sun 13th June)

Tonight at 7pm we shall attempt to host a zoom meeting. If you normally join with us or wish to join in just use the usual log in links etc.

I can’t guarantee to quality of our connections but it seems ok and we will give it a good try. ... more >>

The harvest is here

Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

God is so good, we are taking this time of quarantine to prepare for the harvest that is coming soon. I have been so blessed to spend quality time with my precious daughters, and see them moving forward. We have some youth services and Sunday school groups for them to preach at, please keep them in your prayers, they are in the deep end.

I am booked for two leaders conferences and a week of revivals over the next three weeks too. Also we have the opportunity to book and plan a series of very productive tent crusades, if God enables us to get the tent we need.... more >>

By Gods grace we made it!

Just a quick note for those who are praying for us

It has taken a huge series of divine appointments and miracles to get through the three airports under red list conditions.

But God has powerfully stepped in each time, and we are on African soil with permission to preach the gospel till August... more >>

Zoom time & Are we flying out?

Zoom needs to move times slightly & We are still planning to leave for Africa on Tuesday morning 8th June at 5am, God willing.

Greetings, I just wanted to drop a line to say a couple of things. We need to drive to Liverpool Sunday afternoon to take PCR tests in order to check in Monday night/Tuesday morning. I don’t think we can get back home for 7pm.

I think we can make it for 8:30pm (Sunday) and intend to be online and starting the meeting then. If you can join us it will be great to see you before we go. The details are the same.... more >>

Flying out 8th June

Flying out on 8th June

Really appreciate your prayers for the next trip coming very soon and at short notice. After following Gods lead I intend to fly to Kenya on June 8th. Yes in just over 2 weeks! Yes I also know Kenya are on the red list too! This means I can go but it is uncertain when I can return.

The Lord has led us very clearly as a family at this time. And we are so very greatful of all the continued prayers. We believe the trip is for 3 weeks to do some essential preparation for the big tent going to Africa. I am trusting Kenya will be at least an amber country by the end of June... more >>

Shipping out the Tent Mission Tent to Kenya

One Step at a time... The Big Top Tent Mission Tent's journey to Mombassa, Kenya

Through generous donations received the Big Top Tent was bought in April 2021 and a shipping container for transport to and storage in Kenya the following month. The shipping container and tent are currently in North Wales.

Our next steps are to raise the necessary funds to ship the tent by sea from the UK to the port of Mombassa, Kenya and then by road across the country to our base in Eldoret which is in the west of Kenya. In addition we will need to purchase P.A. equipment, a lorry and pay Customs Import and Export fees in Kenya and the U.K... more >>

Prayer meeting - New Zoom Time

Just a quick note for those who like to join the zoom prayer meetings. We have a new day and time. Just a quick reminder that our zoom meeting is on Sunday from 7-8pm.

For those who want to pray together specifically to do with the big tent Africa vision.

Next zoom prayer meeting for Operation Hope is Sunday at 7pm for an hour but we won’t be disconnected if it goes over slightly... more >>

Operation Hope - A Momentous Day

Thanks so much for those who came last minute and helped, so grateful!

It was a truly momentous moment to see the huge tent being loaded into the shipping container that will take it all the way to Eldoret Kenya.

Faith is Substance! We have more things to buy and put in yet as well as the small job of imports and exports... more >>

Operation Hope - New Container Arrives

Give thanks to the Lord!

We are so blessed to be able to say that our brand new container has arrived and is securely stored. It is such a great provision and will offer safe dry storage in Kenya for years to come.

God is so good, plus the local person who has allowed it onto their land is not charging us rent. Praise the Lord! And thanks to them too... more >>

Operation Hope - Progress Report - Prayer Pointers

A short update on our progress for your appreciated and continued prayers.

Well a little over 8 weeks ago we went public with what felt like a ridiculous vision. Many times I felt myself saying to God are you sure! And wondered where on Earth would provision come from for such a huge undertaking.

Well we may not be there yet, but... We asked God to provide a tent for 3000 people and He has done it... more >>

Operation Hope - We got God's Big Top Tent

The yellow tent originally pictured and offered to us at a great price was removed from our grasp, price increased significantly and then sold to another buyer.

Of course this was confusing to begin with and required much prayer. The Lord spoke clearly to me that He was weaving things together perfectly. Then to Lisa, be still! So we did. Then....

God brought another tent to us, a circus big top. It’s not quite as big as the yellow one but bigger than I originally thought looking at pictures. Actually it’s huge, as big as any circus tent used in the UK today! ... more >>

Operation Hope - Our Vision for Africa

God has told Operation Hope to buy a big tent, the one pictured in fact. A tent that could hold 3000 people and more with the walls removed. It is to be taken to Africa and kept in a base in Eldoret Kenya.

Then the team will take the tent throughout Africa preaching the Gospel, establishing the church and discipling the body of Christ. The Weather although hot in Kenya is often rainy and has been a hindrance to the open-air work in the past. A tent will be like a magnet to the lost drawing people from miles around... more >>

Wonderful Encouragement

Amazing encouragement and confirmation - God is so Good! What an understatement that saying is. Just want to touch base with a powerful confirmation and encouragement.

A week ago I shared our vision for rapid expansion in our tent crusade ministry in Africa. Well God is moving, He blew me away so wonderfully this evening...
more >>

Why do you need such a big tent?

rain in africa - tent mission kenya

People ask us...
"Why do you need such a big tent in Africa when it’s so sunny and dry?"

People don’t realise over here
But in Kenya it rains so much! In short sharp downpours
Where we go it’s, Every day in fact!

more >>

Short testimony from our last mission

Reinhard Bonkke said that whenever they went to places which are strongholds of witch doctors and witch craft they would face fierce opposition from the weather. Tents and equipment costing hundreds of thousands could be ruined. But that’s when you need to decide to either cut and run or stand and press on... more >>

Changes Ahead - Prayer Pointers

The dust is beginning to settle a little more since we shared the vision two weeks ago. We have some specific points and leading we need your prayer over. It is such a delight to know you are standing with us as a family and praying for us especially at this time.... more >>

Our Mission partners

simon   simon
Pastor Simon Kibet wanted to greet people and give a little feedback on his relationship with us at Operation Hope   Welcome to Hour of prayer by Rev Simon Kibet senior Pastor Hope Of Glory Family Church International - Africa Kenya.

Updates from Kenya

Before I update you on The continued works in Kakamega and Eldoret - Let me remind you about the trip coming up in August 2021

We intend to take our largest team yet to Kenya in August 2021. You could be on this trip if God wills it.

Watch out soon as you will receive an email with a PowerPoint style presentation letting you know where we’ll be going and what we’ll be doing. If you feel led to look into the trip further it will be followed up with a zoom gathering in February with opportunity for Q & A... more >>

Hope is coming back soon!

We Believe things are getting better, and are making big plans!!! Starting with Hope!!!

We have been prayerfully watching for some time. Forgive us for not getting online like so many have done. But.. we are excited that the time may be close to start meeting again.

In faith we are making plans, you will hear them in the coming days. However one firm date we can give you is the re start of the house of prayer meetings in Fairbourne. We plan to start meeting once we go down to alert level 3. We have found a new venue which we are excited about... more >>


What's the deal with Sin?

whats the deal with sin

What's the deal with Sin? Good news from Psalm 51

A look at the background and content of Psalm 51


About us

Operation Hope is the ministry of Stephen and Lisa Pilkington

They have both been in ministry since 2007, Stephen graduated from Mission Bible School with a BA Hons in Theology and Missions. They have pastored churches, planted churches, hosted evangelistic and prayer based events around the country. They have been used in many other countries around the world in missions, leading thousands of souls to Christ, seeing countless miracles and healings as well as being privaliged to have set up an orphanage in Kenya. They are currently based in North Wales and are active in the region, believing God is about to move in a wonderful way.

Steve and Lisa firmly believe that all fruitful ministry should start with prayer, and is empowered by a lifestyle of prayer. Since 2008 they have been involved in and running Houses of Prayer everywhere, or Hope as it is known. Rather than making plans and asking God to bless them, it is their practice to seek God first, align with His plans and prayerfully partner with Him. Operation Hope is simply the outworking of all that God has commissioned them to do while in the House of Prayer.

Please take time to look through the different pages and see some of the activities they are currently involved in. God has been gracious to give Operation Hope all that is needed to bring tent missions and concentrated evangelistic events to your community here in the UK. Check the pages and contact us for more information. Stephen is available to visit churches to preach, inspire or offer strategic Kingdom training.


ask stephen to speak

If you would like to invite Stephen to speak at your church about the Operation Hope Tent Mission ministry please submit your details on the Contact form >>

"Operation Hope" take the GOOD NEWS; the life transforming Gospel message of Jesus Christ to communities around the world through tent missions, open air evangelism and other forms of Christian Missions. We hope you find everything you need whilst looking through this site but if not please don't hesitate to CONTACT US


newbold tent mission

newbold tent mission





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