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Operation Hope Base Being Established - May 2022

Operation Hope Base being established!

When we left the UK a week ago our accommodation became unavailable with 1 days notice.
I was almost becoming a little perturbed.
However God spoke quickly into my heart and said “Do not judge, this is not his fault it is mine”.
I sought the Lord for His wisdom and He said I have told you to get a mission base suitable for sending teams. He said on this trip you must take a step of faith and enter a rental agreement for the Operation Hope base in Africa.

I asked for a confirmation and God immediately dropped 1 Thessalonians 2:13 into my heart. When I looked it up it was all about recognition, the word received was from God. Wow

Then the next day I wobbled again and asked God for a confirmation. A lady immediately sent me a word of knowledge which said
“The Lord says to you Steve As you trust Me I will open doors of blessing and miraculous supply that you have not considered before
Remain faithful for I will show you my faithful and miraculous supply
There will be no limit of resources to see my harvest of souls brought into the Kingdom”
It came with
Philippians 4:19.

I knew we must get a base. Alex said he saw a big place with its own secure compound and out buildings etc. I knew the cost involved and thought how could that happen lol.

We Asked Father to give us His right house at the right money.
After a few days we were taken to a big place. It has 1 big house and two small houses. It has a field for the containers, tents, trucks etc. as they come.
It’s a huge place which would cost so much money to rent.

However the landlords testimony surprised us. She had left the house empty waiting for God to send the person He wanted in it. Politicians offered her lots of money but she refused them. Many people came over 6 months and she refused them all at her own cost. Then we arrived and I offered her a figure that she couldn’t possibly accept, for the whole complex, houses field etc. It was in fact an insult and possibly a tiny fraction over half of its value at best. The Bishop told me it was impossible to get such a place at that price.

After some talking about the vision she said yes! I want this place to be used for the Lord and you are the ones I have been waiting for!
I will invest in the kingdom, it is yours for that price.

I made the agreement with her and committed to the whole place for at least the next 12 months but hopefully longer. It will be Operation Hope’s by Monday next week!

God is not only going to honour this faith step!
He showed me once again that this mission is not just about me or one or two others.
It is time to start bringing whole teams!
We can fit 20 people in here. He hasn’t done that for me to rattle around.
Consider these things blessed brothers and sisters. Does God want you here on mission!
These are some pictures below