Prayer Evangelism and Equipping

Kenya Mission - Answers to Prayer - Nov 2021

First answer to prayer

We asked to pray that we would be able to get the PA system through immigration without paying import tax.

I was stopped by a very angry man who didnít want to let me through. I said that I need all of this equipment to preach the Gospel in Kakamega. He said if this is true who are you connected with.

I nervously said Bishop Raphael Buluma not expecting him to know him.

He immediately smiled, he gave me a fist bump and said I know the bishop you are welcome with this equipment, go on your way in we donít need to check anything more.

Gods favour Amen.

Another answer to prayer

We were kept back 2 hours with ridiculous multiple covid stuff.
The taxi from the hotel would normally go and abandon us. But they felt to wait 2 hours.

Then we find they are born again Christians who also run the hotel we are in tonight. They are just near the airport and will do us our hotels for £20 from now on as we are missionaries

Plus they are coming in late to cook us breakfast at 10am tomorrow so we can catch up on sleep. As well as driving us back to the airport

Gods favour again.