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Tent Missions - Shipping Tent Mission Tent to Kenya

operation hope shipping tent mission tent to kenya

Operation Hope Tent Mission Tent on it's way to Kenya  

The Tent Mission Tent's route from the United Kingdom to Mombassa, Kenya


One Step at a time... The Big Top Tent Mission Tent's journey to Mombassa, Kenya

Through generous donations received the Big Top Tent was bought in April 2021 and a shipping container for transport to and storage in Kenya the following month. The shipping container and tent are currently in North Wales.

Our next steps are to raise the necessary funds to ship the tent by sea from the UK to the port of Mombassa, Kenya and then by road across the country to our base in Eldoret which is in the west of Kenya. In addition we will need to purchase P.A. equipment, a lorry and pay Customs Import and Export fees in Kenya and the U.K.

The journey of the shipping container will start at one of the U.K. ports in the south of England and proceed south past France and Portugal and enter the Mediterranean Sea through the Straits of Gibralter. The ship will continue east past Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya reaching Egypt where it will go through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea and on into the Indian Ocean. Nearing the end of it's journey the ship will travel south along the coast of Somalia to dock at Kenya's main port Mombassa.

Depending on which UK port the container leaves from (options include Felixstowe, Port of London, Tilbury and Southampton) the distance is between 6,900 and just over 7,000 Nautical miles (7,940 and 8,050 miles) and will take about 31 to 33 days. The cost to ship the container UK to Mombassa will be over 700 though we have not got detailed quotations as yet (this figure does not include the costs of transporting the container on land both in the UK and in Kenya.)

So as you can see there are quite a lot of arrangements to be made before the tent can be sent to Kenya.


Kenya is currently on the Government "Red List" which means we cannot travel to Kenya without having to incur high costs on our return quarantining in a Government Quarantine Hotel.


Steve will fly out to Kenya on the 8th June. We have been given a PA Sound system. more info >>

28th May 2021


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More information:
Sea Route Southampton to Mombassa, Kenya Global Ship Tracking


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