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Newsletter - 19th April 2021

operation hope - zoom prayer meeting - apr 2021


Operation Hope Zoom Prayer

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It will be from 7-8pm each fortnight on Wednesday, starting Wednesday 21st April at 7pm. Changed to Sunday nights 19/05/2021.
There are so many things we need to see God do in order to set up this new side to the ministry in Kenya. So we are coming together to pray corporately for these things. Feel free to join us if you will.

Here's the direct link and below are the details for the meeting.
Itís set it up for 7pm and we'll have to be done for 8pm ready for another church meeting please.

Meeting ID: 880 1036 0711

Passcode: Kenya21

Clicking the link just takes you straight into the meeting... if you use Zoom and want to 'Join a Meeting' you need the details

Click this link on Wednesday at 7pm or the button below

Andy is hosting the zoom prayer through his account

Invite others who are wanting to pray specifically for this new ministry set up
I really appreciate those who are and have been sincerely praying for us from home. If you prefer that way itís totally fine. This is just an extra time for those who would like to join in.

Every blessing



Just a quick update as weíve had to change the zoom meeting

As you know Andy has broken his hip and therefore can not host the zoom meeting as normal. He is at home recovering by the way and very thankful for your prayers.

Anyway we have discovered in discussing it with several people that Wednesday is not a good day. Iíve therefore moved it to the most recommended and other free day, Sunday.

So in short no zoom tonight
We will meet this Sunday at 7pm

Iíll send another message with a link when I get one sorted.

Every blessing

19th May 2021


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