Prayer Evangelism and Equipping

Kenya Mission Update - May 2022


Remember this precious family?
Naomi had a stroke and was paralysed down one side. She had been the same way for three years. After we prayed together God touched her, she received movement and feeling on the paralysed side. She could move her arm and leg and hold her head straight. Now she is up and about walking. Praise God!
Her son gave his life and was struggling with alcoholism, he is continuing to grow in the Lord and be reformed!
Thank you Jesus!


In December you may remember us praying for this dear lady Bilha. She had a stroke, paralysed down one side, pneumonia and in a severe state indeed. God touched her dramatically, she has continued to be healed and is doing really well! Thank you Jesus!
The two men who gave their lives have continued to be reformed too
Thank you Jesus!