Prayer Evangelism and Equipping

Kenya Mission - April-May 2022

This sister had surgery to her back. Which also went wrong and left her in lots of pain.
Jesus gave her a new back hallelujah

This precious sister had undergone a surgery on her ear which didnít go well. She had pains
and itching in her ear as well as deafness. God completely healed her

These are the precious souls who received their miracles today. The lame walk, the blind see
and the deaf hear in the name of Jesus! Just look at the joy on their faces as they start to realise
the suffering is over in Jesus Name!

When we came in December God allowed us to minister in prayer towards this precious family.
The daughter was suffering in her health and didnít know the Lord as her saviour. She accepted
Jesus and received peace in Him. This trip we are attending her funeral in the assurance and
knowledge that this is not her final page. It is only the beginning. She is with Jesus!