Prayer Evangelism and Equipping

Eldoret Tent Mission Kenya - First night - 7th Dec 2021

Deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ

Wow tonight was hard.

We knew very early that the ground was hard and unplowed we went into the enemies camp a little unprepared
This certainly is a stronghold for demons.

We spent over an hour ministering to one woman who was full of demons which took complete control of her and spoke to us.
When we called them out they refused.
They said we have a right, we will not go we have been sent to sacrifice this one and you are next.
They tried to bring fear so we would leave her
As you will probably know that got my back up
I decided we are not leaving her till they do.
We worked through the strongholds breaking every curse yet they still seemed stubborn
Like I have not experienced up to now.
Then the Lord said get her attention, ask her does she fully repent of all witch craft and get her to say Jesus is my Lord.
Suddenly she came back to us
She repented fully and we led her to Jesus.
The demons fought very hard to stop her saying it. But she became desperate and eventually she declared it aloud and the demons lost their grip.

She went home with pastors who will search the house and burn anything that shouldn’t be there.
She is free.

We will continue to minister to her
Please intercede, this place is very hard ground.

The stepmother of this child brought these demons into the house to sacrifice this girl because she was from the first marriage
But they are defeated liars